I have published in a range of peer-reviewed journals, as well as (co) authored a number of reports and book chapters. In addtion, I have also developed, or played a major role in developing, a number of online interactive apps. I have listed the latter first, as I believe that the interactivity and applied nature of this work is vital, and something I want to focus on.

I try to keep the list below as comprehensive and current as possible; it is possible that more up-to date records are available on either my Orcid or Google Scholar profiles.

Interactive tools & apps

Animal&Farm: “gamesourcing” human decision-making in natural resource management.
See the ‘live’ app here.

Salmon Decision Support Tool
See a development version of the ‘live’ app here

Goose-GMSE: a tool to produce Greenland Barnacle Goose population trends under different management regimes
See the ‘live’ app here.

Journal articles

Minderman J., Duthie, A.B., Jones, I.L, Thomas-Walters, L., Bach, A., Nuttall, M. & Bunnefeld, N. (2021). Models as games: a novel approach for ‘gamesourcing’ parameter data and communicating complex models. BioRXiv preprint.

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Reports & book chapters

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