Interactive tools for applied natural resource management

Part of ConFooBio

As part of ConFooBio I have had the opportunity to work on a number of short-term, externally funded, tendered contracts for third parties. Broadly speaking, this work has allowed me to work with stakeholders to develop better ways for non-specialists to interact with complex statistical and/or simulation models;

For Nature.Scot, we prepared a report aimed at improving predictive models for the management of a population of Greenland barnacle geese on Islay, which, although protected under international regulations, can cause extensive agricultural damage. I developed the online application (built using R Shiny) which allows the user to provide past field survey data, re-parameterise and run the underlying models, producing updated projections of goose population size, with appropriate uncertainties shown.

For The Atlantic Salmon Trust, I co-developed an online app which will form the basis for a decision support tool for the management of different parts (spatially and temporally) of migratory Atlantic Salmon populations. The app interactively links underlying models with management interventions, again allowing non-specialists to use and understand complex model inputs and outputs.