Jeroen Minderman




In general terms, I have very broad interests in animal ecology, conservation biology, statistical and simulation modelling, and ornithology. I particularly enjoy working on a wide range of different research strands with overlapping elements, as well as on cross-disciplinary projects.

abbcra Fundamentally, my main interest is in how animal populations respond to environmental change and disturbance, and in how measuring variation and predictors of this can help inform nature conservation and management. Within this (very) broad theme, I work and have worked on a range of levels including behavioural ecology and physiology, movement/population ecology, and conservation planning and management. This has involved both field-based approaches as well as computer modelling (statistical and simulation modelling). My ideal project would be one that combines all of these. Over the years, I have become particularly interested in the link between ecological research and policy/management implementations.


You can read more about past and ongoing work on the projects page.