About Me

I am a research scientist with over 11 years of experience working in the academic, commercial and public sectors.

My entire career has been characterised by a strong quantitative and analytical element, with recent roles primarily focused on conservation science and ecology. I use statistical- and simulation modelling to analyse (often large) empirical datasets, and have built up extensive experience managing and formatting data for analysis, using tools including R, Python, C/C++, and SQL. Many of my previous roles focused on delivery of both peer-reviewed papers as well as reports to an excellent technical standard, as well as on actively pursuing stakeholder collaboration. I feel very strongly that science output, and in particular complex models, should be presented in interactive and accessible ways, and I have developed a number of apps that do so.

I am particularly interested in opportunities to apply my technical data science and analysis skills to practical, real-world problems. This can be anything, from data management and organisation to complex statistical analysis and simulation models. But I am especially passionate about work related to socio-ecological sustainability, and how creative ways of using data, as well as promoting data literacy, can support sustainability.

Download a PDF of my CV here.

Last update October 2021