Jeroen Minderman


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Dr Jeroen Minderman
Biological & Environmental Sciences
University of Stirling
United Kingdom
+44(0) 1786 467787


I studied Biology and Ecology at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, with a focus on animal ecology. In 2005 I moved to Newcastle for a PhD in behavioural ecology of starlings. Since then, I’ve worked as a postdoc and research fellow on a range of different projects, including e.g. assessing the effects of wind turbines on wildlife, and international species conservation prioritisation.
Currently (2018-), I am a research fellow in the ConFooBio group at Stirling University, developing and applying models of conservation conflict.

I am passionate about science communication and the interfaces between science, policy and management. Several of the projects I have been (and am) involved with included specific elements aimed at integrating cutting edge research into protocols and tools for managers and policy makers to use. I firmly believe that truly adaptive management can only be achieved by active and continuing collaboration between scientists, policy makers and managers – as opposed to single project delivery.

I am a member of the British Ecological Society, and since 2011 have been an Associate Editor for the Journal of Applied Ecology.

I hold a bird ringing permit (A with training endorsement) issued by the British Trust for Ornithology, and actively work on a number of ringing projects in my “spare” time, as a BTO volunteer, and as a member and secretary of Tay Ringing Group.

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